Tips: Delivery Fee for this locations:West sunbury 16061 cost $10.00 , Portersville 16051 cost $10.00, Volant 16156 cost $5.00, Grove city 16127 cost $4.00, Harrisville 16038 cost $4.00

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Tel.: 724-794-5100

Fax: 724-794-0026

118 New Castle St, Slippery Rock PA 16057

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Mon.& Wed-Thurs.:10:30am-10:30pm



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Title: 2012-10-19T21:07:15.495-07:00
Delicious!!!!I love this place..I have no other choice but here...
Title: we want more12/8/2013 1:19:17 PM
You guys are AWESOME!BEST FOOD EVER YUM YUM IN MY TUM TUM.meowmeowmeowmeow. Thank you for being you.sincerley,your best customer/secret admirer. <33
Title: food and love12/8/2013 1:17:41 PM
You guys are so nice!I love your food, and you.
Title: 12/30/2013 2:44:20 AM
This restaurant has continually degraded over the last few years.. The buffet became crusty or soggy, (depending on the dish) and is probably the worst buffet we've ever eaten at... So we quit going. After about a year of not eating enLai.. we ordered some delivery during a snow storm. We figured at least it would be freshly made... and it was... it tasted fine, but it wasn't until the last plate of food that we found the COOKED DEAD COCKROACH.... Honestly ... careful inspection revealed the legs and antennae of the INSECT .... WE WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN... Someone should call the Health Department...
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